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Thank you to all of our sponsors!


Recently Received Grants to Support the Disability Support Program:

    • bodenwein public benevolent foundation
    • ChelseaGroton Foundation
    • chefa
    • Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut
    • dime
    • long logo
    • frank loomis palmer fund
    • gross foundation
    • United Way
    • People's United Community Foundation
    • RS Gernon Trust

Thank You to Electric Boat Employees' Community Services Association for helping UCP repair and maintain our fleet of vehicles:

    • Electric Boat Employees' Community Services Association

Thank You to the following businesses and community organizations for their donations:

 AT&T Employees Community Services Fund Eastern Region and United Way Campaign:

    • AT&T Employees Community Services Fund
    • cohnlogo
    • Constellation Energy
    • Connecticut Elks Association

Connecticut Elk's Association: 

    • Eurocars Plus

 Niantic Lion's Club:

    • Niantic Lion's Club

Pfizer United Way Campaign and Foundation Volunteer Program:

    • Pfizer
    • Travelers